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The Limpopo River Basin

Draining an area of approximately 408 000 km², the Limpopo River basin encapsulates a diverse landscape and four riparian countries - Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Limpopo River travels a distance of over 1 750 km from the confluence of the Marcio and Crocodile Rivers in South Africa to the Indian Ocean at Xai Xai, in Mozambique.  Along its route, the river forms the border between Botswana and South Africa, then the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa, before passing into Mozambique at Pafuri.

The River Basin Theme includes the following subjects:

More detailed information is also provided on each of these subjects for all the sub-basins.

Within each chapter, the subject is discussed in terms of principles, followed by the Limpopo River basin context.

The Limpopo River basin.
Source: Hatfield 2010
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The Limpopo River, Mozambique.
Source: Qwist-Hoffmann 2010
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Limpopo River at the Pondrif Botswana/South Africa border.
Source: Hatfield 2010
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