About the Limpopo RAKAcknowledgements



LIMCOM, GIZ, AHT GROUP AG and Hatfield Consultants would like to thank the LIMCOM delegations from the the four riparian states for their valuable contributions to this initiative.

Project Details

Project Implementation 

AHT GROUP AG - www.aht-group.com

Hatfield Consultants www.hatfieldgroup.com



Technical Implementation

Design and Multimedia Development


Hatfield Consultants:

  • Simon Hughes
  • Valerie Smith
  • Erin Johnston
  • Grant Bruce
  • Adrianne Gilbride


  • Dr. Jürgen Rambow
  • Rainer Tump
  • Corinna Säger
  • Patrick Bracken
  • Nils Gusky
  • Dr. Matthias Zilkens
  • Jörg Lieberei
  • Luc Verelst


  • Sérgio Sitoe
  • SADC Corporate Communications and Logistics
  • ARA-Sul (Mozambique)
  • Department of Water Affairs (Botswana)
  • Department of Water Affairs (South Africa)
  • Zimbabwe National Water Authority - ZINWA (Zimbabwe)
  • Dr. Horst Michael Vogel - GIZ Transboundary Water Management in SADC programme
  • Peter Qwist-Hoffmann  - GIZ Transboundary Water Management in SADC programme
  • Thomas Kellner  - GIZ Transboundary Water Management in SADC programme
  • Hatfield Consultants
  • Kerri Garner
  • Ben Johnston
  • Lebang Baleseng (Department of Environmental Affairs, Botswana)
  • Warwick Tarboton
  • Andre Van Rooyen
  • Martin Heigan
  • Angler's Haven
  • Dr. Peter Ashton
  • Janice Carr
  • Covane Community Lodge
  • CSIR, South Africa
  • Bettina Genthe
  • Kelsie DiPerna
  • DRFN
  • Eric Engbretson
  • Ewan Rayment
  • Sara and Joaquim Huber
  • Cary Humpheries
  • Richard IJzermans
  • Thomas Kruchem
  • Klaus Leidorf
  • Peter Mac
  • Trymore MacVivo
  • Tiane Maluleke
  • Sarah McCans
  • Cliff Parnell
  • Prof. Leon Prozesky
  • Mark Reed
  • David Salvatori
  • Rainer Schaefer
  • Martin Walker
  • Francois du Plessis
  • Lukas Kaffer


  • Produced and directed by Nick Chevallier Productions, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Peter Qwist-Hoffmann  - GIZ Transboundary Water Management in SADC programme
  • Eric Verreynne 

Technical Contributions

  • Dr. Paul Oberholzer, CSIR, South Africa
  • Dr. Peter Ashton, CSIR, South Africa
  • Eric Verryne, Botswana
  • Dr. France Lamy - Google.org
  • Mr. Peter Birch - Google

Additional Creative Work



The data used in the maps in the Limpopo River Awareness Kit are as follows:

  • Atlas of Botswana
  • Conservation International
  • FAO GeoNetworks
  • SADC Hydrogeological Mapping Project
  • International Groundwater Resource Assessment Centre (IGRAC)
  • Internationally Shared Aquifer Resource Management (ISARM)
  • Ramsar
  • USGS
  • WWF

All photographic elements of this website/CD-ROM are protected under copyright to LIMCOM, unless otherwise stated.